Hibachi Catering at San Diego CA

Hibachi at Home Catering

Chef's Cooking Time: The chef will cook for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is important for planning the schedule of your event.

Customer Responsibilities: Customers are responsible for providing and setting up tables, chairs, plates, and utensils. This means you need to arrange the seating and tableware for your guests.

Food Orders and allergies: You will need to provide your food orders to the catering service before the event. While it's not required during the reservation, it's appreciated if you can provide this information at least a week in advance. This allows our team to prepare the hibachi catering service accordingly.

Weather Consideration: The catering service is willing to provide its services regardless of the weather, as long as there is a dry area for the chef to cook under. This means you need to ensure there's a suitable cooking space in case of rain or adverse weather conditions.

Contact Information: If you have any questions or need assistance with booking, you can contact the catering service via text or by calling the provided phone number: (917) 238-2030 or any other number listed.
These details should help you plan and coordinate the hibachi catering for your home party effectively. Make sure to reach out to the catering service with any specific questions or to finalize your food orders.